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My LT100 Race Prep Plan

My LT100 Race Prep Plan

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With my first bit of early season racing done & dusted (Epic Rides Whiskey Off-Road & USAC Marathon Nationals), I’ve reached a transition point in my season. With such early early-season targets this year, I basically raced off of my Base Builder Program for my first little peak of my season. After three weeks of tapering, traveling, and racing in late April/early May, upon return home I took a week off of training to recuperate and prepare mentally for my next big block of training and racing that is on the way.


My “A” race for 2018 is the Leadville 100. Along the way I will race a handful of other events, but the LT100 is priority #1. After my week off last week, I’m ready to dig into a big block of training to build my endurance and race preparation training. You can get the full run down of my Race Prep Programming in a previous post. The LT100 is an Ultra-Marathon distance event so the S:6 Stock Plan would be a 12-week buildout; however I will make some small adjustments around the stock plan to fit my other racing targets, life schedule, and personal preferences. This is perfect example of where our S:6 Custom Training Plans come in handy.

My personal program will look like this:

  • 8 Week Training Block

  • 1.5 Week Recovery/Family Vacation

  • 1.5 Week Final Endurance Build

  • 2 Week Taper

8 Week Training Block

Coming off my Base Builder Program a few weeks back, the next 8 weeks are focused on Race Preparation. From here I will dig into four 2-week mini-blocks of descending intensity and building endurance. I’ll start with Anaerobic Power intervals, then Vo2 Max intervals, then 32:00 power Anaerobic Threshold intervals, and finally 64:00 power Anaerobic Threshold intervals. As the intensity side descends my endurance rides will extend. Also incorporated in the 2-week blocks will be twice weekly strength sessions the first four weeks, and once weekly in the second 4 weeks as races are added in.

As the weeks progress, my training will become more and more race specific as I progress from high-intensity to more moderate intensity while simultaneously extending endurance. The first 4 weeks will be focused fully on training. The second 4 weeks will include a weekly race that fits in well with the intended energy system training demands:

  • GoPro Games XC

  • Bailey Hundito

  • Crested Butte 40

  • Firecraker 50 (duo)

  • Silver Rush 50

Following this big build of training and racing I will be ready for a bit of recovery. I have a family vacation slotted in there with a road trip to visit Kathy’s family in Michigan. Some light riding and strength training will a part of the mix, but the 11 days will serve as a bit of decompression from the previous 8 weeks of big effort.

Final 4 Weeks to Peak

Coming back from vacation I will jump into a final push of big endurance rides. Getting the most race specific training for the 100 mile endurance demands of my target race: big long rides in the mountains!

After this 10-day endurance block, I’ll do the Leadville Stage Race, two weeks before my target event. This race works great by providing me 3 days of high intensity racing to “rev the engine”, so to speak, and get the HR up to racing levels before tapering into the big day. From here it is primarily recovering and sharpening up over the final two weeks prior to race day.

So that’s the plan, and if it goes accordingly, with weather and luck on my side, I hope to ride a sub-7 hour race in Leadville on August 11th.


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