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W.T.F. (Win Through Food)

W.T.F. (Win Through Food)

Post Series: W.T.F. Recipes

Avocado Toast, Sweet Potatoes & Black Bean Bowl, and Noodles w/ Broth & Broccoli

With 20 years of professional level training & racing under his belt, combined with a love of good food (that includes culinary schooling), Coach Cody is sharing some of his favorite recipes and food choices with our followers.

The goal with our W.T.F. Series (Win Through Food) is to provide meal ideas to our athletes which they can incorporate into their own lives. The primary requirements of each meal is that is easy (minimal skill/equipment required), quick (minimal time required) & nutritious (packed full of healthful nutrients). Meals that both fuel performance & contribute to a healthy body composition.

Our motto regarding food is to consume mostly plants, avoid packaged & highly processed food, exclude nothing (unless you have an allergy), and eat until you’re satisfied, not full.

Avocado Toast w/ Eggs & Greens

Smearing a ripe avocado across toasted bread has become a very hip thing recently. Guess what, it’s not hard to do yourself and adding some additional components to it such as eggs & greens can make it an even more nutrient dense meal.

This is a go-to weekly breakfast at our house, particularly on “strength days” where we may not ride our bikes, but rather hit the gym. The lower carb, higher fat & protein make this a great option.

Toast some good whole-grain bread: the more ‘substantial’ the better (the kind w/ nuts & seeds, and the loaf feels heavy in your hand), as it will be the base on which you spread and pile the tasty ingredients:

  • ripe avocado, scoop it out and spread it on!
    • don’t have avocado handy? try a tasty cheese instead, melted under the broiler
  • lettuce greens, like a tender baby ‘spring mix’ or baby arugula
  • fried or poached egg(s), you want the yolk to run when you cut it creating a rich creamy texture
  • optional: acidic element (ie. pickled anything, hot sauce, vinegar drizzle, or small slices of grapefruit)

With your bread toasted, pile on the greens as high as you can, then add the egg on top. Including some sort of acidic condiment will spice it up even more and add to the flavor complexity. Hot sauce is a quick and tasty addition!

Grab your knife & fork to eat these babies as they are far to messy to tackle with just the hands. Enjoy!


Sweet Potato & Black Bean Bowl

It’s amazing how well sweet potatoes & black beans work together, and both are packed full of fiber (our favorite nutrient!) and other amazing nutrition.

Sweet Potatoes are a pantry staple at our house. They do take a little preparation effort, but by preparing several potatoes at one time you can enjoy them in a myriad of different dishes throughout the week.

Here’s how we do it at home:

  • peel and rough dice (small, about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch) 4-8 sweet potatoes (about 10 minutes)
  • add them to a lightly oiled glass roasting dish, season with salt and pepper
  • roast at 400 degrees in the oven for about a half hour (+/- depending on size of dice), stirring once or twice
  • let them cool (about 15 minutes), and then store in an air tight container in the fridge
  • BOOM! now you have ready-to-eat or add-in sweet potatoes for the week in under an hour.

When ready to make your Sweet Potato, Black Bean Bowl, simply throw the diced sweet potato in a hot pan w/ oil to warm & brown them up a bit. From here you add the rinsed & drained black beans to the pan along with a little seasoning of choice (a basic ‘taco seasoning’ works great!). Warm that up a bit more before adding in any additional flavors/nutrition you prefer.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • handful of baby greens, right before you remove the potatoes & beans from the pan gently stir the greens for about 30 seconds
  • Salsa as the acidic component, after mixture is dumped into a bowl
  • Avocado as the fat component, also once in the bowl
  • No avocado on hand? a crumbly cheese like feta or cotija (fat)

This tasty power-packed bowl of nutrition refills the glycogen stores post-workout!


Noodles, Broth & Broccoli

This one can’t really be any more simple, but it is also nutritious and full of satisfying warmth. This a favorite of ours as a light dinner that digests easily before bed while providing some great fiber & protein (bone broth baby!)… and who doesn’t enjoy noodles?

You can make your own broth with chopped veggies (mirepoix: carrots, celery, onions), animal bones and seasoning (did A LOT of this in culinary school); or go the easy route and buy a high-quality bone broth at the store. A high-quality bone broth provides some killer nutrient benefits in amino acids & protein and collagen along with adding amazing flavor!

Our favorite bone broth is from Pressery. You can find this at many Costcos, Whole Foods, Targets and Wal-Marts across the country. Delicious even as a warm post-workout drink too!

Here’s how we do this noodle bowl

  1. Cook up some noodles (your choice of style), don’t forget to significantly salt the cooking water!!
    • might as well make a bunch so you can use the noodles in another dish later in the week.
  2. Steam up some broccoli, keep them slightly firm for a crunchy texture amongst the softer noodles
  3. Warm-up the broth in a pot on the stove or a large bowl in the micro
  4. Once all cooked and ready, combine and season to preference with added salt, pepper, or other seasoning you enjoy
  5. Optional add-ins: tofu or meat of choice, a squirt of lime or vinegar for an acidic punch of flavor


Begin to Win Through Food (W.T.F.) with these simple, quick, nutritious & delicious meal ideas. These 600-ish calorie dishes will fuel your body for peak performance & a healthful body composition. As always, feel free to mix it up and add variety through your preferred modifications that fit your taste buds. Keep the pantry stocked and you should be good to go.

Bon Appétit (that’s French for time to chow down!)


Written, prepared & photographed by Cody & Kathy Waite of WAITE Endurance. 





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