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Created for the serious 14-22 year-old XC mountain bike racer looking to take their training to the next level. Our proven training programs will further develop the young rider into a more capable and knowledgeable racer.


Our remote online program has been developed over the last 6 years to incorporate plan delivery via Training Peaks, real-time coach-led training sessions via ZOOM, audio and video educational support, and email communication to cover all the Q&A that comes throughout the process. Team members train together remotely while building camaraderie and commitment that leads to success!


Combining aerobic training on the bike and strength training in the gym (or home) we spend 4 months developing a riders base fitness. Followed by another 4 months of specific race preparation training through the spring and summer race season riders reach a new peak of fitness season after season.

aerobic conditioning




Our winter base training block incorporates structured trainer workouts and outdoor rides, along with strength and mobility training to build a strong, healthy and fit athlete. Overall volume is customizable to the individual and guidance from your coaches makes sure you’re wheels are always pointed in the right direction.

Our Race Prep block build off of the fitness gained in the Base block; honing a riders top-end power while maintaining their aerobic fitness. Weekly strength training consists of stability & power movements, while on the bike the focus is on high-intensity training to cultivate a riders ‘repeatable-power’ allowing for their best performances on race day.


Join the squad for the Base Phase, the Race Phase or the full 8 month program. Sign-up is quick & easy, with training beginning in December. Our 2021 WE Development Squad is limited to 20 riders, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to get on board.

  • December 2020 – March 2021
  • 16 Week Base Training Plan
  • Structured Cycling Workouts
  • (indoors and/or outdoors)
  • Progressive Strength Workouts
  • (gym or home)
  • Weekly ZOOM Team Meeting
  • Audio & Video Supplemental Education
  • Email Q&A
  • Team Clothing (optional & extra cost)
  • Sponsor Discounts (TBA)
  • April 2021 – July 2021
  • 16 Week Race Preparation Training Plan
  • Structured Cycling Workouts
  • (indoors and/or outdoors)
  • Progressive Strength Workouts
  • (gym or home)
  • Weekly ZOOM Team Meeting
  • Audio & Video Supplemental Education
  • Email Q&A
  • Team Clothing (optional & extra cost)
  • Sponsor Discounts (TBA)

Get a FREE WE Devo Jersey!

Join the WE Development Squad for the full 8 months and get a FREE team jersey. Also gain access for a continued training plan into fall NICA or Collegiate season.


What equipment do I need to follow the training program?

Here are the essentials, beyond the obvious like a bike and cycling clothing:

  • Training Peaks account (required)
      • Basic version provided; Premium version available for $40 per 4 months of training
  • Heartrate Monitor (required)
      • Wahoo TICKR and/or Wahoo ELMNT available at 20% discount
  • Stationary Trainer (highly recommended)
      • Wahoo Fitness trainers (KICKR, CORE, SNAP) available at 20% discount
      • non-smart trainers are acceptable as well
  • Power Meter (encouraged)
      • Quarq Power Meters available at 20% discount

Is there an off-bike strength training portion to this training program?

Yes! We are firm believers in strength training for young athletes to develop body awareness, coordination, strength and power (in that order!).

Coach Kathy is an expert in the field and will lead weekly live ZOOM training sessions (recorded if you miss it). Equipment is minimal and suggested list is provided.

I don't live in Colorado. Can I join the team?

Yes! Our program is 100% online so you can train with us where ever you live.

We will use platforms like Training Peaks, ZOOM and Zwift to deliver the training program, hold weekly meetings and Q&A, and train together virtually.

Is there any in-person training, training camps, or event preparation options?

Unfortunately, our training camps and in-person training is reserved for our WE National Team riders. We’re stretched to the ideal capacity as it is and adding more bodies would make less than ideal coach to rider ratios for in-person training.

At events, we will offer course pre-ride times, and pre-race briefings as a group. Space will be limited and reserved at our team tent at events, but if you need help with something you can always ask.


Do I have to buy a team kit?

No. Purchasing kits (jerseys, shorts, etc.) is optional, but highly encouraged so you feel a part of the team.

We have online ordering windows in early December and again in April so you can get all the gear you desire.

Do I have to buy a team bike?

No. You can ride whatever bike you already have or want to get; however if you’re interested in a team bike, there are discounts available for all WE Devo riders.

Is there any free stuff or sponsor discounts?

Free stuff is hard to come by, so don’t expect much, if any.

However, sponsor discounts are something that is extended to WE Devo. The amount of discount and product varies on sponsorship agreements, but we will provide all discount information by early 2021 to registered riders.

Can I do just one of the training blocks (Base or Race) ?

While it is ideal you do both training blocks to make the fullest development of fitness, you can choose to do just the Base or just the Race block if desired.

I'm already on a team. But I'd like to get in on the training. Can I do that?

Yes! You can choose to train with us and race under your own team colors as desired.

How many riders are you accepting for 2021?

As of now we are opening to 20 riders for the WE Devo Squad for the 2021 season.

Registration is first come, first served, so if you’re interested get yourself signed up before we fill up.

Have More Questions?

Ask Away!

We’re happy to address all questions and will get back to ASAP!

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