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Applications accepted August 1st through September 15th, 2020. Team announced October 1st.

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Our highly structured program composed of 17-22 year old XC mountain bike racers gunning for national & international UCI level competition. Coaching, equipment, travel, and training are all a part of the equation.


Our WE National riders are a hand-picked group of young men & women from around the country. Their training programs are curated specifically for them and their development as riders. Receiving proper year-round coaching, training and guidance is the cornerstone of the team. These are the riders of the future for the USA.

Interested in joining the WE National Squad in 2021?

Fill out an application and send it to us!

As part of the WE National squad you receive coaching & training from Waite Endurance coaches: Cody & Kathy Waite, team kits, team sponsored equipment, training camps, and the support you need to be your best.

Applications accepted August 1st through September 15th, 2020. Team announced October 1st.


Am I "good enough" to be on the WE National Team?

The primary criteria that will assist us in rider selection for the WE National Team are:

  • You are 17-22 years old
  • You are “coachable” (you listen & hear what your coaches say, you like following a plan, you provide LOTS of feedback)
  • XC MTB is your main/only focus
  • Your racing objectives are UCI events (like: Puerto Rico, Bonelli, Vail Lake, Canada Cups) to gain points for World Champs selection.
  • and/or you are targeting the Open/Pro Epic Rides series events (at least 3)
  • You have realistic goals of top 10/podium at National Champs
  • You have lofty but reasonable goals of making the USA National Team for World Champs
  • You are active on Social Media
  • Perhaps the most important: You are a GOOD PERSON (helpful, supportive, encouraging to your teammates; and can represent the WE brand in the most positive way possible)


What happens after I submit my application?

As we receive rider applications, we will read through them to get a feel for the applying rider. If we like what we see, we will contact you within two weeks to set-up a video conference call with you and your parent(s) to get to know you better, ask you more questions and let you ask us questions (if you live in the greater Denver area and can meet in person we can make that happen as well).

We will make final selection of riders for the team by September 15th.

We will contact every rider that applies on or before that date with a YES or NO on making the WE National Team. Space is extremely limited on the National Team, so unfortunately only a few riders will make the selection.


How many riders will be on the WE National Team?

Our goal is not to be the biggest team, but the highest quality team with the best coaching, guidance and commitment; with racers developing into high-level professional riders.

Due to the hands-on elite level coaching, space is extremely limited on the WE National Team. There will be a maximum of 12 riders selected for 2021.


What if I apply but don't make the team?

If riders do not make the WE National Team selection, we will encourage most to consider joining our WE Devo Team for 2021 and re-apply for the National Team in 2022.

On the WE Devo Team you will still be training with us and learning how we do things, making fitness gains for yourself, and in a better position to make the jump to the National Team the next year.



Is there a fee to be on the team?

There is not a ‘team fee’; however there is a coaching fee of $200 per month from October through September paid to Waite Endurance for each riders personal coaching, season planning, race selection assistance, and guidance for the season.

Waite Endurance supports the WE Development team in many ways; offering a reduced coaching fee for their elites-level coaching to their young riders is one of the ways. Standard pricing for their personal coaching service is $400 per month.

I'd like to be on the team, but I can't afford the coaching fees. Are there sponsorships available?

We recognize that cycling is an expensive sport and $200/month for elite-level coaching, while priced extremely competitively, can still be a lot for many families/young people to afford. There is a limited amount of partial ‘sponsorships’ available for riders that cannot afford the coaching fees.

Please email us to discuss sponsorship availability.

What if I already have a coach?

The coaching is the cornerstone of the program for WE Development. All riders on our squad are coached by both Cody & Kathy. If you already have a coach you work really well with, then we recommend you stick with them. If you have a coach and you’re not super-impressed with the results thus far, then consider letting us impress you.

Do I have to buy a team bike?

Yes. The team bicycle is a required expense for the rider. We work to gain the best possible discount from the manufacturer as possible, but you must budget for and purchase a new-season bike each year. This occurs in late-fall or winter.

What other fees/expenses should a rider expect?

Other fees to budget for include race fees & travel expenses. We work hard to gain valuable sponsorship money and donations to the team that can help offset some of these expenses for riders, but the dollar amount is determined within the season based on the support we gain.

What do I get as part of the team?

First and foremost, riders receive unparalleled coaching, training support and guidance that molds them into professional riders; along with a serious and supportive group of like-minded athletes working together towards similar goals.

In terms of gear, riders receive much of the equipment they need for training and racing : like Cuore team kits, gloves, & clothing for on and off the bike, Wahoo Fitness cycling/gps computers, HRMs, trainers; Schwalbe tires, Scott helmets & glasses, ENEV wheels, and Thule packs & bags. *

We’re working on further support in 2021 for bike maintenance product support, power meters, nutrition, pedals, and other TBD sponsor additions.

* Based on our 2019 & 2020 team sponsors. Items & brands may change for 2021 based om the economy and the generosity of sponsors, donors & supporters. 


What is expected of me if I were to be on the team?

Most importantly a positive and supportive attitude is expected as part of our program. We’re all in this together, and no one person is more ‘valuable’ than another.

You are also expected to communicate with your coaches on a daily/weekly basis with your training and life balance. This can be done through Training Peaks, text and/or phone. We need your communication to better coach you and maximize your performance.

As a high-level race team, you are expected to race. We want our riders at as many of the UCI level events as possible, with budget and time constraints in mind. UCI events are highest priority, followed by larger national events (ex. Epic Rides), and then smaller regional/local events. We will help you with your event planning to maximize your budget and performance.

Interactive social media efforts are also expected from our riders to help us spread the good work of the team and all of our sponsors. We will help you with this if you are uncertain of how to go about it.

Are there in-person training opportunities?

Yes! While the majority of the training program is delivered online, we do host two training camps within the year, and the option to come to us to train in person is an option as well.

We host a Winter Base Training Camp in early January in Arizona, and a Summer Nationals Race Prep Camp near the National Champ venue. We highly encourage all team members to attend! The team covers the accommodation expense and a portion of the food.

There are other opportunities throughout the year to train with the your coaches and/or team members in the off-season and/or at or around events.

Have More Questions?

Ask Away!

Send us an email and we’ll get back to real quick with answers.

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