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Your training program is built around your life schedule, your racing schedule, and your level of fitness. Let us help you design the perfect plan to fit your exact needs. 


Have a complicated work/life schedule? Have a lot of racing on your calendar to work around? 

Let us design a plan just for you that takes into account your time availability & racing schedule so you know you’re on the right track & getting the most out of your training time.

I love knowing I have a custom training plan built just for me. It gives me the confidence I need to do my best in training and perform on race day.

Shad Mika, Competitive Cyclist

custom training plan


We have two Custom Plan Options to choose from… 

Option 1: Basic Custom Plan

For those who want a customized plan designed for them and are able to stick to it, do not feel the need/want for additional support, and are comfortable making changes if/when needed.

Option 2: Custom Plan with Communication

For the athletes who appreciate the coaching support that comes with twice monthly communication, feedback & review included with this option.

1. Basic Custom Plan
$20 per week
  • Initial Questionnaire
  • Training Peaks Connection
  • (Basic Account Included)
  • Custom Plan Created for Desired Duration
    • Building towards A-Race
    • Taper & Peak for A-Race 
  • Custom Plan Built Around:
    • Fitness Level
    • Strengths & Weaknesses
    • Race Schedule  
    • Work/Life Schedules
    • Expected Travel
2. Custom Plan w/ Communication
$40 per week
  • Basic Custom Plan PLUS…
  • Coach Initiated Communication via
  • Bi-Monthly Email to Provide:
    • Accountability:
      • stay on track
    • Progress Evaluation:
      • how are you adapting to training load
    • Feedback:
      • make the most of your training  
    • Adjustments to Plan as Needed:
      • training loads, unexpected life events, work, etc. 
    • Answers to Your Questions:
      • Strategies, nutrition, equipment, etc. 


For Whom Are Basic Custom Plans?

Our Custom Training Plans are intended to bridge the gap between our top-tier Personal Coaching program and our budget minded Stock Training Plans.

Do you want your training plan designed specifically for you? Custom Plans are just that. Your races, your schedule, your fitness level, your plan built around those important details.

Are you motivated? Can you hold yourself accountable to get your workouts in? Can you give yourself the feedback you want on your workouts? Are you comfortable adjusting your own plan when ‘life’ gets in the way? If you answered yes on those questions, then you’re good to go, as those are the biggies you’re giving up by going w/o the added communication.

Why Pay More for the "Communication" Piece?

The added “Communication” is for those athletes looking for a bit more support in their program as they go to maximize the results.

Every other week you will receive an email with an evaluation form to respond to. The information collected will help us determine if any adjustments need to be made to your plan.

Perhaps you had an unexpected work trip come up that throws the schedule out of whack? Or maybe life was stressful with the kids and you missed some workouts? Or your sleep and/or diet was off for a bit and you’re a bit run down?

We can take these pieces of information and adjust you plan for the next two weeks to make sure you stay on track by not doing too much or not enough training to allow for maximum gains.

These bi-monthly contact points are also the perfect time to ask any detailed questions you may have about your training, upcoming event, or any other training related matter.

What If I Have Questions as I Follow the Basic Custom Plan?

A lot of the big questions are covered in our ‘pre-programming’ consultations/evaluations and in the program delivery email that you receive with each new plan. If/when questions arise as you follow your plan you can simply contact us via email to get your basic questions answered.

Coach Cody’s Email: [email protected]

How do I Decide on the Length of the Plan I Need?

For Base Builder phase Custom Plans, most athletes select a duration between 8 and 24 weeks depending on factors such as training experience and time until next season or A-Race. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the base you can establish the higher your peak fitness you will achieve for your A-Race.

For the Race Prep phase, Custom Plans are typically between 5 and 12 weeks in duration. Again depending on how much time you have until your A-Race, as well as the duration and demand of your A-Race. Training & Peaking for longer events requires more time; whereas training and racing shorter events requires less. Racing a series of events? We can design a Custom Plan for that too!

We’re happy to help you determine what length customized Base Builder Plan and/or Race Prep Plan you might require. Just send us email!

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