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Movement Prep

As part of our Strength Training Programming, these movement sequences are utilized fro warm-up & activation to begin every strength session.

#1: 5-Way Movement Prep

#3: Runner's Prep

#2: "World's Greatest Stretch"

#4: Critter Crawls

Core Sets

As part of our Strength Training Programming, Core Sets are the part of our strength sessions. Each Core Set contains three movements, each targeting the anterior, posterior and oblique muscles of the ‘core’.

Core Set #1

Core Set #3

Core Set #5

Core Set #7

Core Set #2

Core Set #4

Core Set #6

Core Set #8

Core-to-Extremity Movements

As part of our Strength Training programming, our Core-to-Extremity movements are more complex ‘core’ movements combining the ‘push’ & ‘pull’ coordination of the extremities; connecting the limbs to the core for stronger movement.

#1: Heavy Carries

#3: Turkish Get Up

#5: Plank Walk

#2: Renegade Row

#4: Man Makers

Push & Pull Sets

As part of Strength Training programming, we continue to warm-up and train our upper-body via opposing ‘push & pull’ movements in three different planes: Vertical (high), Vertical (low), and Horizontal.

#1: Vertical High

#3: Vertical Low

#2: Horizontal

Strength Movements

Developing strength through knee & hip extension is the focal point of our Strength Training programming. The squat and deadlift are our two primary movements for developing strength.

Posterior Chain Stability

Back Squat Basics (Cody)

Deadlift Basics

Back Squat Basics (Kathy)

Stability Movements

As part of our Strength Training programming, we target unilateral stability movements to further develop the posterior-chain along with balance & coordination via these movements.

Hip-Hinge #1: Split-Stance Good Morning

Hip-Hinge #3: Kettlebell Swing

Knee Extension #2: Split Squat

Hip-Hinge #2: Single-Leg RDL (Romanian Deadlift)

Knee Extension #1: KB Squat

Knee Extension #3: SL Squat

Power Movements

Transferring strength to power requires adding speed to the movement. Through quick, explosive movements we can train power in the gym to improve our muscle recruitment with these movements.

#1: Jumping Lunge

#3: 4-Way Box Jump Series

#5: Walking Lunge Tabata

#7: Box Jump Tabata

#2: Floor Jumps

#4: Slam Ball Throws

#6: Wall Ball Tabata

#8: Slam Ball Complex Tabata

Mobility Sequences

As part of our Strength Training programming, we include mobility at the end of sessions.

#1: Couch Stretch & Pec Stretch

#3: Hip Opener Series

#5: Foam Roll

#2: Static Hamstring Calf

4: Banded Hamstring/Hip

Cycling Intervals

Our most utilized cycling drills & intervals within our training programs.


Easy-Gear (Nueromuscular) ILTs

Aerobic Strength Intervals

Anaerobic Threshold: 32-64:00 Power

Anaerobic Power: 1:00-4:00 Power

Cadence Spins

Big-Gear (Strength) ILTs

Aerobic Threshold (AeT) Intervals

Stand & Surge

Vo2 Max Intervals: 8:00-16:00 Power

Peak Power: 0:05-0:30 Power

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