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Episode 31: Adjusting Training Around The Delayed Season

Episode 31: Adjusting Training Around the Delayed Season

What a crazy couple of weeks we’re all experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the globe and turning our lives upside down. Aside from the bigger issues to be affected by this situation, our racing calendars have been but on hold for at least the immediate 2 months and perhaps a longer unforeseen length of time. Because of this, our training objectives must change!

The topic of our show this week is sharing how we’ve decided to adjust our training plans amongst this time of uncertainty: go back to an Aerobic focus! Typically reserved for the early base training season; this time around we can train with a higher level of base fitness already established and do more work at Aerobic Threshold levels of intensity to improve our fat-burning, aerobic fitness without the strain & stress of high-intensity intervals. Ultimately building a more powerful base, delaying a peak in fitness, and avoiding burnout so we can resume race prep training when the time comes!

We’ll provide the what, why and how we will be training our WE Development Team athletes and what we recommend you do with your training during this break from racing to ‘turn lemons into lemonade’ by becoming Aerobic Machines!

For those looking for even more direction and training support, Coach Cody has turned his “Aerobic Threshold Booster” plan developed for his WE athletes into a 6-week plan you can download and follow to make the most of this ‘spring break’ from racing and help you to improve your aerobic power and set you up for a summer and fall of racing.

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  1. This was awesome information! Thank you, definitely helping me refocus. What can you add about us triathletes? Particularly since most of us can’t swim right now. While I can sub in some band work, should I also do more biking or running in place of the swim workouts?

    1. Thank you! For sure more time riding & running. Pick the one you’re not as good at and train the weakness. As for swim, I think stretch-cord (band) training with your specific swim cadence tempo incorporated is a great substitute for when you can’t swim. Several years back when I was racing racing triathlon and broke my foot, I spent 8 weeks with stretch-cord ‘swimming’ and I came out the other end a better swimmer (to be fair, I wasn’t a great swimmer to begin with 😉
      Set up your stretch cord sessions like swim sessions with warm-up & specific sets:
      8 x 30 tricep extensions
      8 x 30 half-pulls
      8 x 30 fill-pulls
      8 x 30-seconds on 1.2 cadence (slow)
      Main Set:
      5 x 1:00 (20 sec. rest) at moderate cadence (1.0?)
      1:00 rest
      5 x 1:00 (20 sec. rest) at faster cadence (0.95?)
      1:00 rest
      5 x 1:00 (20 sec. rest) at fast cadence (0.90?)
      1:00 rest

      Something like this will keep you focused and engaged. If you find the right cadences for you it really works your muscles and it can get your HR up a good bit too!
      The Finis Tempo Trainer is what I would use to track the tempo. Then you can take into the pool with you later too to work the tempo in the water.
      Hope this helps & thanks for listening!

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