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Join Us for our 2020 Season Salvation Plan


We’re calling it our…

2020 Season Salvation Plan

With the possibility of events happening before the end of summer and into fall, the time is now to begin a 2020 re-build of fitness to be ready if/when racing resumes.

For this unusual time in history, we’ve put together a 12-week training plan designed to accommodate cyclists of all variants with a training progression to bring their fitness to a high level before the end of summer. Modeled off our popular annual winter Base Builder Training Program, and including all the value and support our athletes have enjoyed for years:

  • Detailed training program delivered via Training Peaks
  • Designed for all cycling disciplines (i.e. road, mountain bike, gravel, cross)
  • Volume adjustable to fit individual ability & goals
  • Easy to follow workouts designed around power, heart rate and RPE
  • Weekly Podcast to discuss the weekly training and share valuable insights along the way
  • Follow along in ‘real time’ with us every week for increased motivation & accountability

Along with all of the proven training we’ve implemented through our winter program, we will follow a similar build of fitness over the summer months but with a handful of differences to make the most of this unusual time of ‘Summer Base Training’:

  • Extra emphasis on riding outdoors and logging (at least a bit, if not a lot) more ‘base miles’
  • Structured workouts easily performed outdoors, as well as indoors
  • Following a ‘steeper’ progression curve (i.e.. progressing more quickly than typical winter base training)
  • Added weekly video tips to enhance engagement
  • Added nutritional direction to assist in performance & body composition changes

The Plan Details

Our 12-week plan is broken into three 4-week training blocks:

  1. Low-Intensity Base
  2. Mid-Intensity Aerobic Threshold
  3. High-Intensity Interval

The blocks consist of three weeks of progressive training, followed by a lighter recovery week. The weeks are volume-adjustable to meet your personal training goals. We will explain how to do this on our podcast, as well as offer to do it for you as an optional add-on to your plan.

Low-Intensity Base

This is the classic ‘base miles’ time. Three weeks to build your daily riding frequency and weekly volume (via hours, miles and/or TSS). Intensity is kept low so you can simply focus on riding more and maximizing your time outdoors enjoying your bike. During this time, we’ll provide additional information via podcast and video tips on improving your diet to increase your performance and shed unwanted body mass.

Mid-Intensity Aerobic Threshold

This block raises the intensity slightly and adds in structured intervals to the weekly schedule. The Aerobic Threshold energy system develops sustainable power and muscular endurance. These relatively long duration intervals train your ability to pedal hard while maximizing the aerobic system to improve overall endurance and strength. Also included in the this block is continued low-intensity riding to further create aerobic adaptations.

High-Intensity Intervals

The third and final block of the plan switches gears to a more polarized approach of ‘easy days-hard days-easy days’.  The hard days emphasize the glycolytic energy system: putting greater demand on carbohydrate usage for increased power output over shorter durations. The glycolytic ‘sub-systems’ of Anaerobic Power, Vo2 Max and Anaerobic Threshold are addressed each week combined with very easy recovery days for three weeks. This kicks your race-preparation fitness into high gear as the end of summer approaches.

Upon completion of this 12-week progression, you’ll be event-ready. You can then easily transition into late season racing, a cyclocross schedule, or some fitness-charged fun fall riding.

Plan Assistance

Like with our annual winter Base Builder Program, we’re in this together. As part of your plan, you can choose to follow along listening to our weekly podcast for deeper instruction and insights into the plan. We will provide suggestions on how to maximize your training plan experience by providing suggestions on how to:

  • modify the weekly volume to fit your needs
  • create your ‘return to racing’ calendar within the Training Peaks ATP
  • modify and execute the structured intervals
  • fuel your workouts & recovery
  • daily diet tips & videos
  • and answer questions you have via email

Optional Volume Personalization

Not exactly sure how much is enough training and/or concerned about doing too much?

We have written the 2020 Season Salvation Plan to accommodate all types and levels of competitive cyclists. It has been written in a ‘mid-volume’ level of workout duration and weekly loads. This volume is modifiable to the individual and we will explain this in detail within the weekly podcast.

For those that would like us to personalize the volume for them, we are offering a optional upgrade ($29) for this convenient service. Via a short list of questions and a view into past training efforts, we can adjust the daily and weekly volume for you to fit your goals.

Ready, Set, Go

Our ‘live’ following of the plan begins June 15th to have us finishing by middle of August. Join us then and follow along in real time.

Not ready to start in June? Or not needing to be event-ready in August? No problem. You can choose to start the plan any Monday after June 15th and listen to the podcast in order of your start date. Simply find your target event date, count back 12 or more weeks from there and that is when you can begin.

Too confusing? Send us an email and we’ll get you sorted out.

Plan Purchase & Delivery

We have created this plan on Training Peaks. You will need a free Basic account or paid Premium account to access the plan. You can simply view and purchase the plan directly from Training Peaks for $99.

But wait…

We want to offer all of our training plan users, followers and podcast listeners an even better deal!






Get the 12-week plan for just $48!

That’s only $4 a week, less than a premium coffee, for dialed-in training, online support & accountability, and a boat load of knowledge to get you fit and fast for the remainder of 2020. Join us and save your season. You won’t regret it!

Plan Options

Register today! We’ll get back to you via email within 24 hours to provide directions on connecting your existing Training Peaks account or creating a new FREE Basic account for you. Then we can attach the plan to your desired start date, and make any Volume Personalization modifications if chosen. 

Listen to our recent Podcast to Learn all About it…

Episode #36: our 2020 Season Salvation Plan


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