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    Hi Cody and Kathy. Been enjoying the strength program from home and really liking the new podcast. Question for upcoming trainer sessions at S6:

    In the past I’ve used a Wahoo Kickr Snap with my road bike which had a Quarq power meter. I noticed fairly big differences between the power readings from the Kickr and the Quarq. The app I used (trainer road) would preferentially use the readings from the Quarq to control the trainer. I no longer have that bike but am planning on bringing my cross bike to S6. If I put a power meter on that bike does the software at S6 use that power data to control the trainer? Just trying to figure out a system where I can have consistent power readings between S6 and outdoors. Thanks!

    Cody Waite

    Thanks for the question & positive feedback on the strength program and podcast. Thanks for listening!

    Our system works between software & trainers (via ANT+). Not individual power meters.

    You will be able to connect a personal head unit to your individual trainer via bluetooth if desired. You can also reference your individual PM (if you have one) in addition to the trainer supplied power readings. It’s normal to have some power variations between PMs & Trainers (0-20w difference is pretty normal).

    I use the numbers from my PM on the trainer as then it is same device outdoors as well.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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