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Episode 14: Aerobic Threshold & Cadence Drills + Base Builder Week 11

Episode 14: Aerobic Threshold & Cadence Drills + Base Builder Week 11

Cadence (i.e. leg speed) is an important part of the ‘power production formula’. In this episode, we discuss the value of training to improve your cadence in the early parts of the off-season when power production isn’t the primary focus.

Your Aerobic Threshold (AeT) is the balance point between your carbohydrate & fat metabolism. This important ‘low-intensity’ threshold is where you can maximize your aerobic power and ultimately train your body to use more fat, while sparing glycogen for your endurance events.

In block 2 of our Base Builder program, we spend a lot of time training both our cadence and Aerobic Threshold in order to further enhance our fitness base. Listen-in to hear our take and training methodologies on how we structure our early base training to include these two important elements.


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