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Episode 21: High Intensity Base Intro + Mia Aseltine CX National Champ Interview

Episode 21: High Intensity Base Intro + Mia Aseltine CX National Champ Interview

Our first half of Base Builder 2020 is in the books and we’re on holiday break! In this week’s episode, we dig into the second half of our Base Builder training plans: High-Intensity Base!

Where the first half targets aerobic HRs, the second half targets power while monitoring HR response as we work our way through the Anaerobic Threshold, Vo2 Max and Anaerobic Power energy systems. Learn how we design our interval sets by manipulating duration, reps, sets and recovery to avoid ‘overdoing’ the workload and doing just what is required to meet our training adaptation goals. There is lots of good stuff in this episode surrounding our Base Builder intensity build and what fun awaits us in post-holiday season training in January & February!

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Then we finish the show with a special interview with recently crowned Junior Girls 15-16 Cyclocross National Champion, Mia Aseltine. She’s fresh off her victory in Washington, and she recaps the race with us allowing us to learn how a champion feels prior to the gun going off, being down mid-race and not giving up, and making the final effort to the line to take the victory.

Thank you for listening this week and we wish you the merriest Christmas.

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