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Episode 35: Interval Training, Keeping It Simple

Episode 35: Interval Training, Keeping It Simple

Interval Training!! Some athletes cringe in the thought of high-intensity training, while other thrive on the idea of going hard. High-intensity intervals are certainly hard, but they need not be ‘go to you puke’ hard. In fact, intervals are most effective when performed at proper intensity levels per the targeted energy system you’re training.

Learn the basics of what intervals are and the purpose behind them: breaking a maximal effort into smaller more tolerable chunks of effort. This makes intervals not only more effective, but more enjoyable and motivating as well. Interval training can be made very complicated, but we’ve found that, like most things in life, simple is better.

We base our training programs around interval training that is very simple and easy to understand and execute. We explain the basics of energy systems and training zones, along with the elements that make up interval training sessions to enable you to more effectively utilize intervals in your training. Lastly, we explain the importance of repeatability in interval training sessions, and the the ability to measure your performance improvements, or decline, by assessing your performance within the training sessions.

Intervals can be a seemingly complicated topic, but they need not be. Our goal with this episode is to simplify the topic and better equip you to take on interval training within your own training program!


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