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Episode 9: Nutrition Periodization & Base Builder Week 5

Episode 9: Nutrition Periodization & Base Builder Week 5

In this week’s episode we talk travel and working your training around work travel; trainer sessions and why they are so beneficial (even if your climate doesn’t ‘require’ it); and the concept of Nutrition Periodization for endurance sport performance.

You likely periodize your training (think: base, build, peak)… you should also consider periodizing your diet to follow suit to reach peak performance. We touch on what is periodization, the what & how to periodize your nutrition around your training, and benefits that include improved fueling & recovery for increased performance as well as improved body composition.

Now is the time of the year (Fall) to get your diet & nutrition on track with your training so you can make the performance gains you’ve been seeking… Let’s talk Nutrition Periodization!

We wrap up the show, as always, with a look into week number 5 of our Base Builder Training Program. Haven’t joined us yet and gotten your base training efforts on track for 2020? What are you waiting for?! Read on to learn how you can get on board and start building your base!


Join us for our 15th Annual Base Builder Program to build your best base for your 2020 cycling/triathlon season.

You can join in with us at any time between September and January to get your base training on track! 

Listening to this weekly podcast will provide valuable insights into each week’s training objectives and workout details to help you better follow our Base Builder Program and maximize your training gains. Even without following our program, you can listen in each week to learn concepts you can apply to your own training program for improved results.

Do you live in Denver and want to train with us? You can join us in-house at Sessions:6 in Lakewood. There are only a few spots remaining for 2019/2020! Go to: to register.

Do you live outside of Denver? Join us remotely from wherever you are with our Remote Base Builder Program. Follow the exact training progressions, both on the bike and in the gym, that we do in-house and gain the essential knowledge through our weekly podcast. Learn More & Register at:

We also have Base Builder Strength and/or Base Builder Cycling Training Plans available via Training Peaks here:

To have your training related questions answered or communicate with others following our programming, visit our Forum on our website:

To have your questions answered “LIVE” on our podcast, email either Coach Cody at [email protected] or Coach Kathy at [email protected]

Lastly, you can follow us on Instagram at the following accounts:

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