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Episode 48: Season Review Strategies

Episode 48: Season Review Strategies

In this episode, we discuss the value of the end of season review and how to actually go about ‘digging into the data’ and putting it to good use. Take advantage of your time away from the bike during your season transition to uncover helpful insights you can put to good use for your next season of planning, training and racing.

We look at how to effectively use the Training Peaks Performance Management Chart by breaking down CTL, ATL and TSB values and what to specifically look for within your review process. Another helpful procedure is to look at your weekly TSS scores by using the TSS by Week chart. This allows users to identify what they accomplished at the weekly level, peaks and valleys in their training, as well as the consistency in their training which ultimately leads to the highest fitness gains.

With these newly identified values and patterns in hand, you are now better able to begin planning your 2021 season and creating a successful training progression for increased performance in the new year… and consider joining us for our annual Base Builder Program which has the progressions already dialed in!!


Show References:

* Learn more by checking out our recent article around Season Review Strategies, including the graphical views referenced within the show.

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